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Misanthropic romantic. Hopeful cynic. Lover of art, old books, hot tea, history, and fictional worlds.



Utopia : A very serious TV show about torture, genocide, and a complex conspiracy aiming to sterilize 80 % of the world population.


Favorite Characters #1- Jessica Hyde//Utopia

I don’t need a gun to kill you. The minute you hand it over I will rip the life from your body!”

Nothing uses carbon like a first world human, yet you created one. Why? Why would you do that? He will produce 515 tons of carbon in his lifetime. That’s 40 trucks worth. Having him was the equivalent of nearly six and a half thousand flights to Paris. You could’ve flown 90 times a year, there and back, nearly every week of your life and still not have the same impact on the planet as his birth had.”

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